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The Car Doctor Radio Show is a live call-in auto talk show hosted by Skeeter Lothringer
Air Conditioning Lubricant
ICE 32
High performance air conditioning treatment.
Houston AAMCO
610 South Loop East of Fannin
Repair instead of replace!
  • K&W Trans X
Engine Wear:
  • Restore (4,6,8 cyl cans). Used for excessive blow-by.
Fuel Additives:
  • BG Products 44K (For Gasoline Engines). Pour directly into fuel tank when 1/4 full, then add fuel for proper mixture.
  • BG Diesel Fuel Additive
  • Chevron Techron
  • Bars-Leak - Used for leaking radiators

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Skeeter recommends products to keep your engine running better and longer.

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Skeeter, The Texas Car Doctor

Skeeter Lothringer has a tremendous passion for the automotive industry. For over 32 years, Skeeter has been involved in the automotive service business. He began as a young boy working on cars in his driveway with his father. Skeeter quickly learned the basics and his life's passion was born. His knack for working on cars was passed down from his father; who was a master mechanic and carpenter.
Skeeter learned the basics as a young man and now holds countless certifications through the Automotive Service Excellence Association and is a General Motors Factory Trained Specialist.

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Live call-in auto talk show hosted by Skeeter Lothringer in Houston, Texas - AM700 KSEV.

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